In Case of a Chemical Emergency

Scan006How will I know if there is a Chemical Emergency? 

Industry officials are responsible for notifying the LEPC and communities of any chemical release that may affect the community. Community officials are responsible for warning nearby residents and taking appropriate steps to protect the public. You are responsible for following these instructions to protect yourself and your family.


Outside warning systems for Pasadena activate in the event of a chemical emergency which may affect citizens. These systems are tested at 6:00 pm the first Thursday of every month. A continuous tone of 1 minute is a test. A continuous tone of 3 to 5 minutes designates an actual emergency, in which the following steps are to be taken.



Emergency Action 

  1. Go inside
  2. Close all doors, windows and vents
  3. Turn off air-conditioning, close dampers to fireplace
  4. Tune radio to an Emergency Alert System station: KTRH 740 AM, KUHF 88.7 FM, or NOAA All Hazards Radio 162.MHz
  5. Stay off the phone. Do not call 911 or any city offices. Such calls can hinder response activities.
  6. Remain indoors until further notice.