The Southeast Regional Lepc (SERLEPC) was created in July 2004 from the merger of the former Bay Area and Pasadena LEPCs. It is a 501(c)(3) volunteer organization composed of a cross section of citizens, industry, business, government and other interested parties.

The SERLEPC works with local government public safety agencies to develop emergency planning in the event of a chemical disaster and to increase citizen awareness of protection measures through community education projects.The SERLEPC operates through an Executive Committee, four standing subcommittees, and ad hoc subcommittees. A part-time secretary manages the daily administrative tasks of the organization. The standing subcommittees are: Emergency Response & Security, Compliance, Emergency Warning System, and Public Education & Community Awareness. There is a current ad hoc subcommittee for the emergency managers composed of the member governments representatives.

The City of Pasadena Office of Emergency Management serves as the point of contact for release reporting and emergency notification. Local industries report their releases and this information is shared with the SERLEPC.


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