Public Education and Community Awareness

Ben Reese
Public Education and Community Awareness Chairman, Ben Reese

The SERLEPC has developed a program to provide for public education regarding hazardous materials. Along with Deer Park and La Porte’s LEPC, we have a program called “WALLY”.  An important part of this program is the identification and education of administrators of  special facilities. Additionally, education of special populations living independently, such as the hearing impaired, the blind, and the homebound is critical. This program could include presentations, audio-visual programs, written notices, pamphlets, and other materials to insure that community residents are aware of actions that may be required in the event of a hazardous materials incident.

The SERLEPC encourages  it members to be speakers for schools, clubs, and other groups, provide written or audio-visual programs, assist local response organizations with their public information programs, and coordinate other activities to take advantage of ongoing special events in the area. The SERLEPC works closely with Community Emergency Response Teams and with other local emergency managers.

Below are future events Wally Wise attends.


We encourage you to bring family and friends to meet Wally and learn about sheltering in place.


May 19, 20, 21, 2017 Strawberry Festival

Wally Wise



2017 Community Safety Fair and Hurricane Workshop

      2017 LEPC- English Poster