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According to Texas Tier II Reporting Requirements:

Tier II Administration: Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Tier II Chemical Reporting Program
Phone: 512-239-5060 or 1-800-452-2791 (toll-free within the state of Texas)
Webpage: Exit

Special Instructions: Texas is requiring facilities to use Tier2 Submit and requests that electronic Tier Two data files (created out of the Tier2 Submit version, not scanned pdf or word documents) be submitted via email to Please include a contact name and telephone number in the body of the email for reference. If emailing is not an option, then electronic data files may be submitted on CD via U.S. mail. To avoid confusion, please do not send duplicate submissions of your Tier Two Report in any format with your filing fee. The TXT2 Number must appear on the Tier2 Submit State Fields screen, the check or money order for the fee payment, and in the email subject line. Fee payments must be sent by U.S. Mail to the address provided on the Filing Fee Payment Form. Note: Submission of your electronic data file to TCEQ Tier II Chemical Reporting Program serves as notification to the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) for Tier II data. Facilities need not submit Tier II data to the Governor's Division of Emergency Management as part of their annual filing. Requests for TXT2 Numbers or general assistance may be submitted via email  to or via telephone at 800-452-2791 or 512-239-5060.

A new version of Tier2 Submit is created around November of each year.  Download the latest version of Tier2 Submit.



The major legal responsibilities of LEPCs in Texas are listed below. The citations are from the EPCRA, Public Law 99-499. Each LEPC:

  • Shall review local emergency management plans once a year, or more frequently as circumstances change in the community or as any facility may require
  • Shall make available each MSDS, or TIER II Report, inventory form, and follow-up emergency notice to the general public, during normal working hours at a location designated by the SERLEPC.
  • Shall establish procedures for receiving and processing requests from the public for information including Tier II information
  • Shall receive form each subject facility the name of a facility representative who will participate in the emergency planning process as a facility emergency coordinator.
  • Shall be informed by the community emergency coordinator of hazardous chemical releases reported by owners or operators of covered facilities.
  • Shall be given follow-up emergency information as soon as practical after a release, which requires the owner/operator to submit a notice.
  • Shall receive from the owner or operator of any facility a MSDS for each such chemical (upon request of the LEPC or fire department), or a list of such chemicals as described).
  • Shall, upon request by any person, make available an MSDS to that person.Shall receive from the owner or operator of each facility an emergency and hazardous chemical inventory form.
  • Shall respond to a request for Tier II information no later than 45 days after the date of receipt of the request.
  • May commence a civil action against an owner or operator of a facility for failure to provide information, or for failure to submit Tier II information.

Effective November 1, 2015, the Southeast Regional LEPC (SERLEPC) only accepts its Tier II reports by email in a “Tier2Submit software electronic format”.

NOTE: Tier2 Submit Software requires that you have full control over the Tier2 Submit folders or Administrative Rights to your computer for you to be able to edit the records.
If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact the Southeast Regional LEPC at telephone number 713-475-7088 or the Pasadena Office of Emergency Management at 713-475-5588.

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